by Andrea Gracia on January 26, 2012

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These days, everybody’s trying to make a dollar stretch. But that doesn’t mean you need to resort to the dollar menu (or any fast food for that matter)! You can still eat healthy on a budget just by changing the way you shop. Here are a few simple tips if you’re trying to eat right without spending too much money.

1. Buy in bulk:

Getting a Costco card was the best decision I made in 2011. Every time I checkout, I practically jump for joy at the amount I’m saving. Buy a membership to your local wholesaler, it’s worth it. Just remember not to go nuts, literally. Just because the 5 pound bag of pecans is $4.95, doesn’t mean you need to buy it. Think frozen veggies, condiments, brown rice, pasta, etc. I got an 8 pack of Whole Grain pasta (4 thin spaghetti & 4 penne) for just $4. Think about it, a plain ol’ regular box of pasta at the grocery store is about .89 cents. If I bought 8 of those, it’d be around $7 not including tax and definitely not whole grain.

2. Buy meats on sale:

One of my favorite ways to save money at the grocery store is buying meats on sale. Find out when your local supermarket marks down meat and stock up. You can keep beef, chicken, fish and more in the freezer and it’ll stay good and fresh despite what the expiration date says. You can find incredible deals on lower cuts of meat and slow cook them to rev up the flavor.

3. Fill up the freezer:

Once while grocery shopping in England, Mark and I stumbled upon a milk sale in Tesco. Two 2 liters for £2 and a penny more for a third. My initial thought was, “They’ll go bad before you even finish the first”. But without hesitation, Mark whopped all 3 in the cart and said, “we can just stick them in the freezer”. Of course! You can freeze almost anything; milk, bread, cheese, veggies, and more. See those bagels up there? They “expired” January 5, but I’ve kept them in the freezer; it’s now January 26 and they’re still as good as new! Tip: Over-ripened fruits? Cut ‘em, freeze ‘em, smoothies anyone?

4. Drink more water:

Juice is expensive, and it’s almost always loaded with extra sugar. Don’t even get me started on soda, you should have kicked that habit a long time ago. Drinking more water is healthy and cost effective. And if you get yourself a water filter, you can save even more by just drinking from the tap. I use this lovely Brita filter; you can’t go wrong for just $10.99. You can amp up your water with lemon slices which has it’s own extra health benefits.

5.  Shop store brands:

First, let me just say that I’m no way affiliated with Great Value despite what this photo may lead you to believe. I just find amazing deals by shopping store brands as often as possible; condiments, canned food, general ingredients, etc. Sure, you may not get all the fancy packaging but you do get the same product for a lot less.

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Gem February 2, 2012 at 4:36 PM

Andrea, you are surely part of the Allen family with this post!!! xxx


Andrea Gracia February 2, 2012 at 7:30 PM



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